Our Story


My husband, Michael, and I were married on July 10th, 2004. In 2008 we, after four years of being unable to have children, looked into the Foster Care Program, hoping to be a blessing to young children in need of a stable and happy home.

We moved through training quickly and two weeks after we received our Foster Care Certification we were introduced to a brother and sister: Tiernan and Oden.

Tiernan and Oden were just the beginning! A short while after the kids were placed in our home, Michael and I discovered that we were expecting a child! Claira was born in January of 2009.

A family of three, things seemed like they were stabilizing. Tiernan and Oden were now adopted and Claira was doing very well. However, Tiernan and Oden had another sibling introduced into Foster Care and after a surprise call, burdened to bring all three kids together under one, loving roof, we excitedly agreed to take Sean into our home. Soon after Sean was adopted, becoming a permanent member of the Almich family.

In February of 2011, Annabelle, the inspiration behind Healing Helpers, arrived!

Today our family is six children strong with the addition of little Scarlette!

I give all the glory to God for His grace, wisdom, and guidance over the years. It is only through Him and faith in Jesus Christ that our family is what it is today.

Annabelle was diagnosed with a serious heart condition just hours after her birth. As you can imagine, news such as this comes as a tremendous shock, not to mention what happens after that news arrives.

Annabelle was immediately flown to Doernbecher Children’s Hospital in Portland, OR where she spent the next month in and out of procedures, culminating in a major surgery that forever changed her life and ours.

The surgery was a success however her journey was just beginning. Over the next few months, we traveled back and forth from our home town to Doernbecher’s as doctors monitored her heart and its development. Medications were administered, tests were conducted, and progress was charted. In August of 2011, she was admitted again for her second of three open heart surgeries. This one was also a success.

Today Annabelle is doing very well and is enjoying a “normal” childhood. Her life is truly a miracle and we are ever grateful to God for His care for her.

It was during the hospital stays, surgeries, tests, and procedures that we became friends with many families and individuals sharing similar circumstances. These friendships, although now separated by distance, will certainly be life long. We were able to be there for each other and understand in ways that others simply could not. The comfort that we received was priceless.

Because of our experiences, it is our desire to continue to provide comfort and encouragement to other families that have been through, or are going through, similar situations. “Healing Helpers” is our way of doing that! Our way of Giving Heart.


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