Terry’s Story

My son’s name is Terry (tt). He was born with congenital scoliosis. He is 1-in-100,000 kids born with this rare birth defect. It causes deformed ribs & vertebrae, causing poor lung function & failure to thrive. Most kids like Terry have feeding tubes & have a device called the VEPTR. These devices are placed into their backs/ribs, are adjustable, & need surgery every 6-9 months to help with better lung function. As of now, TT has had 11 surgeries.
We heard about healing helpers on FB & when I saw what it was all about, I knew that with TT having multiple surgeries he would need a Healing Helper to help him through all it. Ever since his 1st surgery back in September of 2012, he has had his Healing Helper Turtle, Mr. Turtle, with him along the way.

Mr. Turtle has been in the OR all 11 times with him & he even gets his own name bracelet.

He hasn’t missed a single one. Purchasing one of the coolest surgery buddies any baby/kid could ask for was the best decisions I have made.
TT was a baby when we gave him his Mr. Turtle. He was 18 months old when he had his 1st surgery. But I knew he would love him the way did. I LOVED him when I first pulled him out of the box. This was TT’s first favorite stuffed turtle which he originally got from the aquarium, so I had him shipped to Healing Helpers. Once we received Mr. turtle back, he was super adorable & extra special with a heart on the right side like TT. He also a zipper scar on the left-hand side of his shell with a bone inside to represent the back surgeries that TT has gotten, & will continue to get throughout the years.
As of now, TT is doing pretty AMAZING. He’s still a tiny little guy but he doesn’t let that stop him. He will be 8 on January 5th & will be having his #12th major back surgery. He continues to make our family & friends proud of how far he has come.


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