What is a Healing Helper?

Healing Helpers are friends that provide love, comfort, and understanding to individuals going through difficult medical or emotional struggles.

Each Healing Helper is uniquely designed to relate to the child (or adult) receiving it. When a little one does not understand why they are going through their struggle their Healing Helper teaches them in a way they can understand.

Some Healing Helpers have heart surgery. Others have brain surgery. Some even have their tonsils and adenoids removed. There are no limits to how a Healing Helper can make a difference.

The first Healing Helper was made for little Annabelle. She was born with Hypo-plastic Right Heart Syndrome (HRHS). “Abby” has half-a-heart just like Annabelle.

We know that a Healing Helper can make a difference for anyone, no matter what they are going through. We hope that yours is a blessing to your whole family.

Customize Yours

Each Healing Helper is lovingly hand-made and personalized just for you.